Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse May 16th 2022
Cosmic Mood: Critical. Intense feelings and extreme experiences, confronting shadows. A challenging time of processing and purging issues and emotions around codependency, old grudges and the need for revenge. Toxic bonds can be released. Time to own our shadows as well as our power. Potentially evil influences hopefully can be balanced by spiritual awareness, higher guidance and a collective effort for peace.

Cosmic Mood: Softening. The challenge to find balance between following our own ambitions and having harmonious relationships brings up deeply ingrained expectations, role models and hierarchal structures. Being more open and sensitive to the needs of others, with old patterns breaking up and dissolving, common ground will be found.

Cosmic Mood: Striving for improvement. We can take a clear and realistic look at the overall situation. Based on this, decisions can be made. Ideally, this should be happening in service of a greater cause. Pressure and high expectations can cause anxiety. In bringing our best intentions and acting to the best of our abilities, everyone can make a significant contribution to a better world.

Cosmic Mood: Joyous and yet fateful, this is a crucial time to collectively shape and design society, while figuring out how to maintain and sustain essential ressources. Overall, this is a fruitful and creative period, encouraging self expression as well as cooperation and partnership, bringing harmony to relationships

Cosmic vibes: Intensive. We are sensitive and we feel the need for protection, while confronted by what seems oppressive and overwhelming. Power dynamics and the use of power are in the spotlight now. Structures are beginng to give, being under pressure for too long. Boarders and boundaries are of great importance.

Cosmic mood: busy, contradictory A new sense of ease and lightness puts things into motion and brings distraction from more serious topics, needing to be addressed. While tension and conflicts are peaking on Christmas, a more inclusive and optimistic attitude combined with greater flexibility brings new opportunities and hope