Full Moon March 18th 2022

at 08:18 CET, Moon 28° Virgo, Sun 28° Pisces, Venus in cooperation with Chiron, in action with Uranus, Mercury in cooperation with Uranus


Moon 28° Virgo

Earth, Yin, Mutable

Discernment, Practicality, Focus on the essential, Dedication

Criticism, Inadequacy, Doubt, Resignation


Sun 28° Pisces

Water, Yin, Mutable

Empathy, Peace, Acceptance, Unity

Illusion, Disorientation, Helplessness, Deception



Virgo: Belly, Intestines, Nutrition, Cleansing

Throat Chakra, Hand Chakra, Energy Healing, Herbs

Pisces: Feet, Immune System, Sensitivity, Spirituality

Crown Chakra, Meditation, Interconnectedness, Mediumship, Energetical overwhelm




Cosmic Mood: Striving for improvement. We can take a clear and realistic look at the overall situation. Based on this, decisions can be made. Ideally, this should be happening in service of a greater cause. Pressure and high expectations can cause anxiety. In bringing our best intentions and acting to the best of our abilities, everyone can make a significant contribution to a better world.

Being part of something greater

This Full Moon seeks to bridge the dualism between acceptance of all that is and the notion that every single thing, every being, every action taken, has significance within a greater context. We have to accept things as they are, while, at the same time, being aware that each and every one of us can make a difference in improving the overall situation.

While an energy has been building for some weeks now that doesn't differentiate between good and bad, in the sense that all things just are, without judgement, this Virgo Moon does just that: it is all about discerning what is harmful and what is useful. Based on that distinction, we are called to minimize the former while integrating and emphasizing the latter in our daily lives. Make it a spring cleaning for your habits and routines, a sort of mental and practical hygiene.


Everything has meaning

Things still seem quite chaotic, and we might feel obliged to make everything right. There can be a tendency to focus entirely on a task at hand, nitpicking and critisizing, staying busy so we don't have to deal with the chaos, or even emptiness, that is lurking outside of our own neat little world...

We can feel a whole lot of pressure now, for we are all part of those huge shifts taking place. We might feel small and inadequate, like we just can't do enough. But here is maybe the most profound message of the Virgo Moon: we are an important and intricate part of something greater, and everything we do has significance and meaning within a greater context. Our contribution might seem limited by our circumstances and abilities, but bringing the best intentions and our highest ethical standards makes all the difference. The most important contribution to a harmonious world might be our dedication to our own mental and physical health, while doing everything we do with reverence and care.

This is a great time to get our affairs sorted, to streamline our daily routine. We can take a sober approach and decide what we want to have in our lives and what we just don't need. Little adjustments and improvements can have great impact now, while bigger changes happening to us can be integrated in constructive ways. It's not all logic and practicallity, your gut feeling is important, too. It's also about implementing those things that give you hope, that make you feel you belong. This Virgo Full Moon has everything to do with embodying your spiritual practice, doing ritual and making it part of your daily routine.


During those days we should stay open to insights and messages on all levels. Our intuition as well as our imagination can bring surprising and inspiring impulses. Trying different and unusal things can be quite appealing. Being drawn to new and exciting approaches has a positive impact on our sense of self, our energy levels and assertiveness. New possibilities arise when we jump out of our comfort zone. Still, leaving behind the safety of old habits can feel stressful.


High demands

This is the time to get a clearer view of and a better handle on the overall situation. Sensible and well informed decisions can be made. But there is a great amount of pressure. The demands for negotiations and practical, workable solutions are high. Good results can be reached, but this might also have a paralizing effect on decision making, where there is too much at stake and the outcome is incalculable.

While this is still a time of confusion, illusions, maybe even deception, it is in unconventional approaches and ideas, maybe through different chanels of communication, that progress can be made. At the same time, there is a tendency to take risks, just to get out of the rut and shake things up. This can be constructive on some levels, but it can also cause stress and tension. The following week, this could translate into unexpected reactions and explosive situations.

Big changes can begin to feel more real now, causing emotional stress. But this Full Moon does bring opportunities for constructive, powerful cooperations in service of peace and humanity.


Health consciuosness, preventive measures and hygiene are high on the agenda once more, as well as healthcare professionals and hospitals. From an astrological point of view, the virus is likely to keep spreading, reaching an alltime peak in April.


What's next?

The following week starts on a quite unstable and restless note. A mixture of impulsivity, impatience and risktaking and can mean a greater risk for accidents.

Midweek, around the 23rd, there can be a complete lack of clarity and direction. Avoid making imortant decisions. Overall, this isn't an easy period, the energy can be very volatile and shaky. There can be all kinds of exciting or stressful news. It's quite a balancing act: physical exercise is a great way to process anger and frustration, while you shouldn't overdo and avoid taking risks. It's a great time to try new things and have fun, but than again we shouldn't be too impulsive and unthinking about it, for there might be unpleasant consequences... Our pleasures, or even our capacity for joy, might seem limited or somehow stiffled. Music, creative artistic expression, but also movies and inspiring stories can offer refuge if things just get too much.

The Equinox is on March 20th, and marks the beginning of the astrological year.


"Everything I do has meaning within a greater context"


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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