March Equinox 2022

On the Edge

16:34 CET, Sun 0° Aries, Moon 29° Libra, Venus and Mars in action with Uranus, Mercury joining Jupiter, Venus in between Mars and Saturn


When the Sun moves into Aries, a new astrological year begins. This moment sets the tone for the new season, as well as for the year ahead. This is a transition from passive to active, from 'just being' or going with the flow to a new impulse of direction and purpose. It's time to act, to push forward and get going.

And clearly there is an urge for action and change, a sense of things being on edge, about to flip. This can be like standing on the sidelines, staying neutral and composed, but about to be dragged into the heat of the fight, having to go all in, undergoing an extreme, transformational experience.


There is an energy building that is restless and can get reckless, that hasn't much use for forthought and precaution, nor time to think about the consequences. While the basic vibe is quite chaotic and disorienting, things can seem unstable and rather overwhelming. This isn't excactly comforting, considering the current state of affairs. But it is the kind of energy to finally break out of the same old same old, although it can feel like a shock each time we are thrown out of our comfort zone. There is potential for trauma here. We will be far to impatient, anyway, to stay stuck in old patterns. In spontaneously acting on our impulses, we can take risks we wouldn't take otherwise. There can be dissatisfaction as we want to break free from the status quo, and frustration as our needs and desires aren't met. Something can stand in the way of our pleasure, circumstances might keep us from our joy.


But there is inspiration to open our minds. We can now see, or rather sense, the bigger picture, wrapping our mind and our imagination around all those layers of information and possibility... A fertile time for great stories, movies, amazing artistic expression, alternate realities. Here's a kind of fluidity, were we might not always be able to discern what's actually 'real'.

Finding our tribe and engaging in community are big topics, of course - and can have a healing effect on our authentic self expression and assertion. The aquarian ideal: being your unique self is your contribution to a diverse, colourful society.


Words can be overestimated now: there might be big announcements, promises that can't be kept, leaders who are full of their own talk, overinflated beliefs. But than, there can be real hope in peace talks and agreements.

This can be a fast paced time of unpredictable events, sudden actions and harsh reactions. Things can be on the brink between diplomatic efforts to keep balance and peace, and an all-or-nothing attitude, even life or death situations.

Conventional power grids or communication networks that are considered safe and reliable might be disrupted. All things luxury, entertainment and culture could fall on hard times, again. Ressources are strained, there will be shortages. Financial markets will be even more challenged and rattled.  Even the weather can be wild, with greater climate extremes.


Overall, things are pretty volatile, maybe even dire at times. But than, this is a mix of energies to step up, take the lead, pioneering into unmapped territory, blazing a trail of courage and hope, shaking up everything that's stuck and really bringing in the new, while holding space and offering guidance to everyone in need of strength and support on this journey.

Turning to faith, inspiration and higher guidance where confusion reigns, bringing hope and light into the chaos.

So be aware that things are pretty volatile. Keep in mind that impulsive action has consequences. And now, unlock your courage, your authentic leadership qualities, and get going.


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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