Mars retrograde in Gemini: Reorientation


Mars turns retrograde in Gemini while ruling the Sun, the inner planets Mercury and Venus and the South Node of the Moon. Yes, we will feel it!
It's time to stop and look around. How far have we come? Where are we now? And how did we get there in the first place? We might feel we are not making any progress right now: Mars retrograde is much more about reconsidering our ambitions, our motivation and drive, even our very direction in life. Why do we do what we do and where did it get us? Is it our passion we are following or are we kind of doing what we seem to have to do? We now might reconsider, retrace our steps, maybe even literally turn around and go back to try a different approach... Mars in Gemini suggests that a process of figuring out, trying and evaluating different options and learning by doing is what's needed most now. this can be seen as a period of reorientation: what helps us navigate the world? Where do we get our directions? What are our decisions based on? Where do we turn to for the information we need?
We might even pause and ask ourselves what we can learn from our own achievements, from the process of achievement itself. There could be a lot of answers, as well, in evaluating how and where we get our notions and opinions, and the way we act on them.
Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception for the next three weeks, while being inconjunct by sign - what to make of that? This energy is likely to dig deep - digging up complicated issues around communication, information, networks... on a mundane level, it could be dragging up rather delicate stuff about power mongering, the manipulation of information, covert deals. And yes, there might be some more noticeable changes considering social networks in store.
Moreover, Mars in Gemini strongly relates to infrastructure, especially the infrastructure and logistics of energy supply. With Mars already in this sign andentering it's shadow period, we saw the attacks on or sabotage of the North Stream Pipelines. Big parts of Ukraine's energy sector have been destroyed, and Europe faces an unstable situation for the upcoming winter. With the eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis being so much about shared ressources and the control thereof, this transit points to a reorientation, a quest for different otions and alternative solutions in regard to energy - all kinds of energy, that is. But Mars turning retrograde still in orb of it's square to Neptune and quincunx Pluto speaks about struggles and adjustments concerning availability and distribution of gas and oil.
On a more general note, Mars quincunx Pluto, within a phase of reorientation, points to inevitable readjustments in the way we navigate the world, adapting to the profound shifts of our time. The underlying message could very well be: we are to readjust basic strategies and coping mechanisms.
The best appraoch to this quality of time seems to be a completely  openminded and flexible one; in giving ourselves space to perceive and consider the full range of different options, making room to experiment with them. Motivated by a childlike curiosity, we might even see our immediate environment with different eyes, finding exciting challenges and new possibilities everywhere. Even within the vast playground of our own mind.

Mars will be retrograde in the Sign of Gemini from October 30th/31st until January 12th/13th, depending on your time zone