Cosmic Mood: Fertile. This partial solar eclipse brings renewal and tangible changes. While times are instable, we are called to find and tap into new and different resources. This is fruitful energy for manifesting inspiration and creativity in practical ways. Standing united in a selfless effort for peace and humanity
Cosmic Mood: Vulnerable but strong. New energy for new beginnings. Old wounds and issues coming up to be confronted and overcome. We might be confronted with the consequences of previous actions, asked to take on responsibilities. Strength and perseverance help us commit to long term projects and social engagement.
Cosmic Mood: The urge to finsh and release. As a cycle is coming to it's end, there is still deep work to be done. Personal relationships as well as political power structures are under a lot of pressure. It can be extremely hard now to let go and release, but there's a promise of new hope, renewed faith. We are experiencing a transition between huge, historical cycles in an intense and compressed way.
Cosmic Mood: Non-conformistic, unpredictable. Breakthroughs undergoing a reality check. New beginnings facing obstacles. Building community, finding new ways to handle liberties and duties. Some profound questions still have to be reexamined. New priorities are being implemented, not only in theory.
Sun and Moon 12° Capricorn Earth, yin, cardinal Reliability, wisdom, security, structure rigidity, surpression, deficiency, relentlessness