New Moon March 2nd 2022

06:35 CET, Sun and Moon at 12° Pisces with Jupiter, in cooperation with Uranus, Venus and Mars joining Pluto, Mercury joining Saturn


Sun and Moon 12° Pisces

Water, Yin, Mutable

Empathy, Peace, Acceptance, Unity

Illusion, Disorientation, Helplessness, Deception


Pisces: Feet, Immune System, Sensitivity, Spirituality

Crown Chakra, Meditation, Interconnectedness, Mediumship

Energetical overwhelm

Consciously keep healthy boundaries in place


Cosmic Mood: The urge to finsh and release. As a cycle is coming to it's end, there is still deep work to be done. Personal relationships as well as political power structures are under a lot of pressure. It can be extremely hard now to let go and release, but there's a promise of new hope, renewed faith. We are experiencing a transition between huge, historical cycles in an intense and compressed, even fated, way.

Pressure and Release

A new beginning for empathy, sensitivity, unity and interconnectedness. Creative, imaginative, limitless. We are more receptive and open which means there can be a sense of overwhelm. This can also be a time of chaos and desorientation, even disillusionment. But if we feel lost, there is a glimmer of hope, and our faith is about to be renewed. Even if we can't see it now, there is a saving grace.


Completion and new beginnings

The New Moon in Pisces always ushers in a phase to wind down, release, let things come to an end. When the Sun enters Aries at the Equinox, the astrological new year begins. Right now, we happen to be in a transformation between much bigger cycles. This should be a time to relax and meditate, but now, we might feel restless and anxious. There's an amount of intensity and relentlessness in the atmosphere that is completely alien to a Pisces Moon.

In the end, it's all about letting go and renewal, but letting go seems hard, if not impossible. We can be very compulsive now in what we do, and very possesive about what we love. Surpressed needs and passions, but also fear, resentment and anger is stirring, boiling up. Those feelings can best be expressed and transformed in a therapeutic setting, but movement dance and spontaneity as well as creative artistic expression can be a healthy outlet, too. Be aware that drugs and substances can be very tempting rigth now make the world disappear.Consciously chose a creative and construtive outlet, use your imagination, or immerse yourself in music and movies.


But this energy can be highly empowering, too, marking a rebirth of our attitude and assertion, renewing our self worth and self esteem, giving us strenght to stand up for what really matters. There can be a surge, a calling, a sense of real deep purpose. These days can be very passionate - in romantic relationships, we might experience a deep longing to really merge with the loved one and surrender the self. It can be difficult to maintain and respect boundaries now.


While we want to hold on extra tight, we might be pressured to let go. When we're about to face the void, there's a promise of hope coming in. There is a suggestion here that in surrendering and releasing, we make room for a constructive shift to happen. Simultanously, we are encouraged that in expressing our unique self, in embodying and sharing our dreams and visions, we can make a difference! There is fun to be had, every moment can be lived to the fullest, not all is dark and serious.


There can be a lot of intensity and overwhelm on many levels. We might feel smodderd in emotions or lost in fear. Whenever you can, try to step back, let all that noise stop for a moment, and see things from a more detached and rational perspective. If you can, meditate.


High pressure and hope

In the first days of March, an abandoned rocket is expected to hit the Moon. Right after joining the Sun, the Moon is heading towards Jupiter, which could be the saving grace. About two days later, she will be near Chiron, and deep wounding is possible...


The collective and political situation is just as volatile at the moment. Things long surpressed are erupting, breaking through the surface. Forces and desires are pretty much uncontrollable - and yet heading towards completion and release. Collectively, this is a metamorphosis taking place under a great amount of pressure. For some people this brings extreme experiences or deep crises, most of us will experience it through outer circumstances and the general state of the world.

Something's got to give - the question is: will it be experienced as a release or as escalation? Both ways are possible. It depends on how the energy is being used and how we perceive it.


What we are experiencing now is a reactivation of the highly disruptive and transformative aspects at the beginning of 2020, combined with the big renewal, also called reset, brought in at the winter solstice of 2020. This means, we are going through the ending and beginning of huge geopolitical and sociocultural cycles in a relatively very short amount of time, in a highly compressed way.


What's next?

Where there is doubt and uncertainty, or even a full-blown crisis of faith, the upcoming weekend can show what's worth believing in. At least, some positive sides are emerging and there is a new sense of optimism. This is the signature of a new 'king' or savior: will there be a new kind of leader, a beacon of hope?

We can find a new perspective. This weekend brings a big impulse for growth and renewal. Honor the energies, if only in taking a few moments to visualize your ideal future, to plant a seed. Initiate new, hopefull projects. Build community. Call in the blessings.


There might be less clarity in the week that follows, but around March 12th, we can envision our dream very clearly. Pay attention to actual dreams, make room for magic to happen. This is a very special day for spiritual clarity, insiration, artistic creation and imagination.

In addition, it can give us another glimpse of what the upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction is going to bring.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the current crisis will be over. But there are significant shifts in energy, and there is a promise of hope and faith renewed.



"To really release and let go, I need to trust and have faith"


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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