Venus Mars conjunction

Come together

exact on February 17th and March 6th 2022, strong influence from the 2nd week of February until the middle of March


Getting together, being in tune with each other and with ourselves, working on mutual goals - isn't that excactly what we need now? Venus and Mars, the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang, our desires, and the assertion to to have them fulfilled - Venus and Mars normally get together once year, or maybe a couple of times, for a short moment. This time, they will stay closely together for more than a month, walking hand in hand. Oh yes, this brings wonderful opportunities to come together in harmony, to bridge differences, find reconciliation, to create and build something together. This is the time to create balance between giving and receiving in all our relationships and interactions.

This is also about our own inner harmony. It's easier now to accept and embrace the contradictions in our life, in our personality, find balance between passive and active tendencies, to synchronize what we want and what we need. So often we put our energy into something which, for many reasons, leads us further and further away from the fulfillment of our desires, how often do we even act against our own values and principles? Now, we can stand up for ourselves, for our values and needs, while establishing harmony and being at peace with others. We find the strength to get what we want, to create healthy relationships, and to stand in our truth.


If we have been questioning our relationships and the expectations attached to them over the course of the past months, if our priorities have changed, now is the time to implement those changes and insights and act accordingly. It's easier now to come to terms with ourselves as well as with our fellow humans (and non-humans, of course) for there is less need for pretense and superficialities. We are straightforward, rather direct, more authentic. Fairness, consistency and clear principles provide orientation. It's much easier now to make decisions, for we know what we want. With material things or financial investments, we create a sense of security.

In the first days of March, the practical sobriety of this aspect will fade out, and passion is going to take the lead. A deeper motivation is driving us now, providing purpose and direction. Maybe we feel called to some kind of mission, or we become really passionate about some task or challenge, tapping into our power, or even our souls purpose.


This is a whole lot of determination, ambition and focused energy. Add the conviction of being on a mission: there's no guarantee this is heading in the 'right' direction. Goal oriented and single minded, this can turn out as a highly combative, ambitious energy. Which makes it all the more important to use it in a conscious and loving way.

Now can also be a time of very ambitous political and economical alliances. New foundations for power structures can be put in place. At the same time, old, hidden power dynamics might be revealed and unraveled, while new influencial connections are being welded.


But most and foremost, this is a time to get together, to live in harmony and share the love. What we have in common precedes over the things that might divide us. It is a time of new beginnings, reconciliation, understanding.

And yes, this is also true for romantic realtionships! On Valentine's Day, the stars couldn't be more auspiscious. But wait, maybe they are at the upcoming Full Moon and the following weekend! So make sure you keep on celebrating.

If you are just falling in love or taking your realationship to a new level: now a solid foundation can be established. Yes, falling in love can feel crazy and silly and funny all at once, but now, there's more to it. This isn't superficial, we want the real thing, a bond that is going to last. We are looking for stability and support. But that doesn't mean things aren't going be passionate. The Leo Full Moon is going to add playfulness, romance and that certain spark, while the following weekend will be even more spontaneous, full of surprises and novelty. At the beginning of March, the intensity really starts building, might even be overwhelming. There is something truly powerful here. Physical attraction is irresistable, but there are deeper levels involved. In those depths, demons might lurk, jalousy can arise, trust and loyality can be put to the test. But this is where we look deeply into each others soul, and in crossing the abyss together, deep bonds are formed.

For relationships that have been through a rough patch this winter, these days can be transformative. Things might come to an end, while new potential is unlocked in the process, or a new, solid foundation is established, the bond growing strong.


This is a period of great creativity. The Full Moon in February has us express our talents, makes our true colours shine. The New Moon in March brings even more inspiration. Creative playfulness and spontaneity on one hand, classical beauty, elegance and perfect balance on the other. Shaping and forming in the process of actual artistic creation, working with natural materials and textures is most favourable. Projects like creating a garden can be long lasting and rewarding expressions of those energies.


In the second week of March, there is a change of atmosphere - this might come with a noticeable shift on March, 6th. It is still about getting together in harmony and understandig, but now it's more community oriented. There is another activation of the transition to the new age of air that was initiated by the Jupiter Saturn conjunction at the winter solstice of 2020. This is the moment to start something brand new. The focus is on the future, on creating a better world, new ideals, a new kind of society, better communities. There can be a tendency to idolize science and progress, emphasizing the importance of technology and scientific results to lift humankind to the next level. In spring, goals and outlooks might become less defined, more idealistic, with some futuristic impulses. Try to stay grounded!


This whole period holds plenty of opportunities to overcome differences, join forces, and create something meaningful together. This is a time to find balance and harmony and to get what we want - and need.


Venus and Mars can be seen together now before sunrise, as early as five o'clock, depending on the terrain in your area. Such an inspiring sight!


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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