Full Moon Feb. 16th 2022

17:56 CET, Moon 28° Leo, Sun 28° Aquarius in tension with the Lunar Nodes, Venus with Mars, Jupiter in cooperation with Uranus


Moon at 28° Leo

Fire, Yang, Fixed

 joyful, generous, openhearted, creative

self centered, self important, dramatic


Sun at 28° Aquarius

Air, Yang, Fixed

unique, humanitarian, community oriented, inventive

elitarian, detached, aloof, outcast


Leo: Heart, Ego, Confidence

Solarplexus, building self esteem

Aquarius: Ancle, Nervous System, Trauma

Third Eye, Electromagnetic Field/Aura, envisioning


Cosmic Mood:  Joyous and yet fateful, this is a crucial time to collectively shape and design society, while figuring out how to maintain and sustain essential ressources. Overall, this is a fruitful and creative period, encouraging self expression as well as cooperation and partnership, bringing harmony to relationships.

Joy and spontaneity


This is a joyful moon, it's time to have fun! But still, there's always tension inherent in a Full Moon: our personal hapiness and self-expression on one side, the part we play in our communities and the good of the many on the other: it's all about finding balance. Is it egoistic to put our own joy and fulfillment first? Should it be the main focus of a community to ensure just that? Is our own personal zest for life prerequisite for a thriving, happy society?


Room for creativity

We love to be in the limelight now. These days, we just need a lot of attention. We want recognition, we thrive on it, it nourishes, empowers. When feeling confident, we're in a good mood and in a position to be warm and generous towards others. So we can make them feel special in turn. Feeling aprecciated and valued, we can step out of expectations and ideals and just be ourselves. A safe space is created, were spontaneity and playful creativity can onfold. This is the concept of the Age of Aquarius: each and everyone contributes to the community from a place of joy and creativity, instead of duty, and the ideal society will unfold. 

As always, there is a downside to this kind of energy: poeple can act more self centered, self important and overly dramatic under the Leo Moon. But in the end, it's all about a need for attention, appreciation and love.

We should make time now to be as playful and creative as we need to be, to share laughter with friends and to play with children - to play like a child. Make time to enjoy and cherish life.


On another note, there can be a fateful quality now to issues around codependency and self-sufficiency, appreciation and trust. On one hand, the astrology points to finding a different perspective, stepping back from our ego and our emotions to observe from a more detached and neutral position, letting go of any need for control or manipulation.

On the other hand, we are being advised to embrace our emotional world and everything we have experienced, to value it as a ressource, an inner wealth we can draw on, we can lean on. We should listen to our bodies and nourish them well, to make us feel confident and strong, so our creativity can unfold and we can nourish others.


Now, we are at the beginning of a period of harmony and togetherness. This is a time that brings many opportunities for reconciliation, understanding and new beginnings. Here comes the chance to embrace your own inner contradictions and find balance. What we want is what we need now - instead of investing our energy in things that ulimately lead us away from our own needs, now we can actually go and get what we truly desire.

This can be a very fruitful time for partnerships - in romance as well as in business. The effort and energy we are investing now will bring lasting results. We can build a solid foundation that stands the test of time. There might even be fated encounters, changing our course...

It seems like a good idea to celebrate valentine's day just once more at the Full Moon, and on the following weekend. There's always something to celebrate. Under the Leo Moon, a little taste of glamour and luxury is just what our heart desires.


Collective Crossroads

The position of leading figures and personalities, like political leaders, and their relationsship with society is in focus now. There can be crucial moments around abstaining power and control in order to create a harmonious, non-hierarchal society. To replace manipulation and deception with trust and stability. This won't be happening overnight, of course, but we might witness incidents emphasizing those topics. Maybe new leaders, like celebrities or artists, are taking a stand. Self confidence and charisma do have greater impact in public life. Great personalities need the a stage and the audience even more now.


This is also about collectively creating the future. Living well today, we have to plan for tomorrow. It's time to stop controlling and exploiting natural ressources, and to start honoring mother earth instead. This is a fateful moment between today's standard of living and a liveable, sustainable future, between valuing individuality within society and contributing to the community, the greater good and the future.

This is the introduction of topics that will be prevalent over the next 1 1/2 years on a collective level: how do power dynamics determine our position and our creative expression within society? How do we handle and maintain shared ressources? Can we rely upon a mutual agreement about everyone giving to their ability and receiving, in turn, what they need to survive? Do we depend on others to get what we need, in a way that quenches the spark of our creativity, the unfolding of our talents that should be our unique contribution to the community?

There is an inherent tension between self-reliance in an emotional and in a material way, between community as a social concept and actually depending on shared ressources. These features can never fully and harmoniously coexist without an ongoing process of adjusting, compensating, compromising. Right now, we seem to be at a crucial point within this process.


What's next?

In the following days, an enthousiastic, boundless energy is building. This vibe fully and completely lives in the current moment, is hard to grasp and can't be chaneled and utilized. In all it's spontaneity, it can bring sudden shifts with far reaching consequences. The status quo might just get swept away, the outcome is quite unpredictable. But first and formost, this is about dissolving limitations and restraints, bringing hope, inspiring growth and unity. By the weekend, remainig Covid restrictions might be released, travel bans lifted.


With the Sun moving into Pisces for the weekend, there is a subtle change of atmosphere. Instead of conceptualizing the ideal future and idealizing concepts of community, now we want to feel that we are part of something greater, we sense we are connected to everything else. Maybe we will get a first glimpse of what April is going to bring, with big dreams and so much optimism, but maybe just too much of other things, too. The upcoming New Moon points to a transition into a different time quality.


"Where I can be myself with all of my heart, I can unfold my talents and share my gifts"


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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