New Moon Feb 1st 2022

06:46 CET, Sun and Moon at 12° Aquarius with Saturn, in action with Uranus, Venus direct, Pluto in between the New Moon and Venus


Sun and Moon 12° Aquarius

Air, Yang, Fixed

Unique, Humanitarian, Community oriented, Inventive

Elitarian, Detached, Aloof, Outcast


Wassermann: Ankle, Nervous System, Trauma


Chakra: Third Eye, Elektromagnetic Field/Aura

Visualisation, Breath Work


Cosmic Mood: Non-conformistic, unpredictable. Breakthroughs undergoing a reality check. New beginnings facing obstacles. Building community, finding new ways to handle liberties and duties. Some profound questions still have to be reexamined. New priorities are being implemented, not only in theory.

Independence and Responsibilities

This New Moon marks a new beginning or an upgrade for comminity life, maybe for society itself. Impulses for equality and independence, individuality and freedom are strong. An ideal vision of the future is calling. Time for fresh, unconventional ideas, for all things extraordinary, surprising and special. Expect the unexpected.


A new perspective

Breakthroughs that are accomplished now will face some challenges right away. We might be called off right at the start. Social responsibility is the big topic dominating this lunation. What is the limit of individual freedom? The concept of an ideal, free society needs correction, is ondergoing a reality check.

Personal freedom implies not handing over responsibilities, but taking them on. Ridding yourself of societal regulations and duties also means forgoing rights and support. In an astrological context, it could even be argued that to leave behind the security of traditional structures, to step out of 'the system', we have to be mature enough to be fully aware of the consequences and responsibilities attached. It is all about mindset, really, about thinking outside the norm, finding a unique perspective. In straying too far from the norm, one can become an outcast - or the centerpoint of a new community, with a different point of view.

Only in stepping outside conventional structures and societal concepts, we can find a different perspective. But how far can we go? At which point do we loose acceptance, and security with it? This 'range' tells a lot about how narrow or wide the boundaries of society, of a community, are set: how much novelty, how much difference can be tolerated? Isn't the fine line between genius and insanity right there where the genius is trespassing the boundary of collective acceptance and expectation - and only in doing so, can explore new territory? Where does the unconventional become unaccepted, outcast?


This lunation is playing the tensions between liberation and independence on one side and necessary structures and limits on the other. Even the most sensational idea has to get structured, broken down into practical steps, to be implemented in real life. We are challenged now to take those topics to a new level, to find a different approach - which will be put to the test and might fail. Do all liberties implement liabilities? Is this a question of the approach taken, the perspective we have? Do those limitations and boundaries only exist in our minds? Is it reality that is limiting our minds, our vision?


Some other areas are calling for extra attention, too: Questions that have been emphasized this winter in various areas of life, evaluating what really matters. What is most important? Where did our values shift? Should something (or somebody?) be more prominent in our life? Now we should take action accordingly to this shift in priorities, implementing them in a practical way.

Overall, this can be a crucial time: we want succes, status and material security, but at the same time, we are chasing this ideal vision of the future, where everything is different, better... We just can't let go of the familiar structures and securities, in order to move toward this vision. But those securities are crumbling. Traditional, conditioned patterns have to be broken to move on.


New found freedom and a new set of rules

This can be a collective declaration of independence - a step towards community and liberation. But at this time, an easing of regulations or restrictions might very well bring on new measures of control, a new kind of freedom implies just another set of rules. Where breakthroughs do make it through the challenges and can meet the demands of the upcoming week, they are here to stay!

Technology and sience are still in focus, but it's achievements and results might be put to the test. Statistics and figures are high on the agenda, while quite removed from the human experience they are meant to represent. Things can be highly absrtacted, objectified. It's the sientific perspective that counts, but now, it has to prove itself in the real world. Surveilance technology and control through technical devices are still in the focus, too.

Breakthroughs are followed by reality checks, liberties and newly won freedoms might be cancelled. Essential questions still have to be reexamined. Priorities have to be reconsidered and put in place. What is right? What is just? What would be the right strategy, and how can it be imolemented? Things won't really be moving forward until midmonth.

In scientific as well as in sociopolitical areas it is all about responsibility and consequences now.


Collectively, we have come to a point where society as well as politics are demanding security, orientation and clear guidelines, holding on to well established structures, unable to losen their grip. At the same time, the future and a new societal model are being idealized. We'd have to let go of our love for status and control in order to find a new perspective, to buid a new kind of society. This New Moon wants to initiate just that: we have to step out of the norm to even begin to imagine new possibilities, to find a new perspective - but we have to be realistic about it.


What's next?

We have to examine in a neutral way what is most important, what is essential to reestablish community and understandig, to build community, and what has to be left behind.


By the end of the week, we are really focusing on structures and boundaries. What makes sense, what will last, what will bring results? Business matters and projects that where put on halt since the beginning of the year, especially since the middle of January, need our attention now. What has been questioned, reexamined, what has to be corrected, changed? This can be quite a challenging process.

In the following week, there's a kind of recklessness and impatience in the air. Things seem to be accelerating, moving faster than we anticipated. Profound change might happen almost effortless... Attention, there is a heightend risk for accidents, especially on the 8th of february!


A very special timeperiod is about to begin, lasting well into March: our actions and goals are being aligned with our values and priorities. This is quite profound: it's about those essential values we have been examining in the past months, in our personal lifes as well as on a collective level.


"I find independence in taking on the responsibility for myself and my future"


This is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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