Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

Insiders and Outsiders

January 14th until February 4th, can be felt from the end of December 2021 into the last week of February 2022

The days around midmonth can get very busy, even stressfull, like living in fast forward mode: always being one step, or thought, ahead, impatient, restless. This isn't the time to start solid longterm projects, but it's great for sudden insights, innovative ideas, a spontaneous change of plans. Agreements, contracts, transactions and even trips are likely to hold surprises, schedules are prone to last minute changes. In topics we are dealing with since the end of december, we are likely to experience a change of mind and direction. We are heading into another phase of contemplation and examination. Questions are coming up. Mindfulness isn't just a spiritual practice now, it' s a survival technique. Be sure to make time to relax, do some breathwork.


This energy makes everything seem more urgent and hectic, and that's why we are prone to forgetting and confusing details, getting things mixed up. But there's more to this. For the second half of january, both inner personal planets, Mercury and Venus, are retrograde. Together, they define the way we interact with and realte to each other and the world around us. This is brought to attention in events, people we meet, messages, or in our thoughts and feelings. We just have to contemplate the way we share and express, meet, interact and exchange, what we value about it, what really matters.

In being conscious and attentive in our interactions with others, we can avoid confusion and  misunderstandings. We might be confronted with poeple and messages from our past. Turning our focus inward, evaluating the ways in which we interact and relate, the way in which we navigate this world, can be very rewarding during this retrograde period. Because more than ever, the people and situations we encounter are a reflecting our inner dynamics.

What does community mean to us? What part do we play among our friends, in groups and communities? Group dynamics and social networks are going to take center stage. How does a group operate, what do the members have in common? Do we interact in a different way, when we identify each other as 'members' of the same 'group'? How does it change our perspective, our attitude towards others? Do we change our behavior according to our surroundings? Do we express ourselves differently, using a different kind of language? What does ist mean to belong, when belonging is defined by demarcation and excluding those who don't belong? Do we define ourselves by the groups and communities we are part of? Now we might question those ways of belonging, of identifying with certain groups. We might become aware that we are outgrowing the similarities. Are our communities colorful, creative gatherings, enriched by diversity, enabling each and everyone to express their uniquness and share their talents, or are we trying to be like everyone else in order to be accepted, tolerated? Is it all about the potential of the individual, or about community just for the sake of community? Can we have both - the great ideal of the Age of Aquarius? In the end, it all comes down to integrating individuality and social responsibility. What ideas and concepts can we come up with to create a better future? Last years conflicts and tensions, still lingering, are to be analyzed, questioned, challenged. What do they tell us about living together as a society? What is the lesson? Discussions about societal concepts and structures are vital now.


At the end of january and in the first half of february, the focus will be on simplifying things, reducing them to their most essential form. Information, news, interpersonal communication: how do we keep it straight, simple, and to the point? There is a rather rational, detached and objective attitude. Communication in general, including social and conventional media, should be less emotional, more fact based.


How do we reduce all that unnessecary mental bagage, so we can focus on the essential? How do we create clear structures to provide orientation - in our individual lifes as well as for society as a whole? Even the concept of thinking independently can be challenged - are we really thinking, drawing conclusions, in our own, independent way, or are we following a trend for collective independent thinking, creating yet another kind of conformity? Does a certain kind of mindset open the door to groups and communities? Here, again, we find the principle of inclusion and exclusion, or even the concept of a self-appointed elite having all the right information, be it experts or sceptics. How are language and various channels of communication used to either get us on board or keep us out? And what does it really mean to think independently, differently, in our own unique way?


The way in which technology and science are shaping our lifes might also be questioned. What do we envision the future to be like? Research and inventions are high on the agenda. Last years innovations and developments will be put to the test, maybe even reevaluated.

Technical gadgets, first and foremost in communication technology, are being highlighted now. What kinds of networks are we connected to, plugged into? How does technology assist us, keeping us virtually in touch, providing platforms, creating communities? How does it serve us on a daily basis? Where does technology become selective, raising obstacles, being exclusive? How is this playing out? The thin line between monitoring and surveillance, between security and control will be discussed. Espescially in education and commerce, there can be another significant shift towards the use of online platforms.


Over the course of the next weeks, for all of us, there can be a tendecy to think we know better, being convinced we found the right solution. In consciously listening, being present and considering other opinions, misunderstandings and complications can be avoided. The current energies can have us speak up and make decisions prematurely, or we might get distracted by too much multitasking. Better take it down a notch, reducing sorces of error.

It is a good idea to make backups, to pay close attention with financial transactions, checking all the details, to ask for confirmation with all your e-mails and double check all appointments, to be prepared for files and messages getting lost along the way. Communication technologies as well as other kinds of networks and infrastructure, be it transportation or power grids, can go haywire. Flaws and deficiencies will show.


This is a time to just mentally sit back every now and than, observing our own hustle and bustle from a certain distance, questioning, putting things into perspective. This way, we can be more rational and objective, where otherwise we would get emotional, maybe overreacting or even getting into overwhelm. Taking a step back from time to time to catch your breath and observe can be extremely helpful during this period.

We want to rethink things, looking for different appraoches and new solutions. The same old same old might be safe and cozy, but it's far too boring now. At the end of january and the beginning of february, all of our innovative and unconventional ideas will undergo a reality check, and after that, we should get ready to launch!

Messages, insights and news are especially meanigful on january 23rd, showing the way forward.


This text is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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