Venus retrograde in Capricorn

Is it worth it?

19th of December until 29th of January, influence lasts into March, three meetings with Pluto


This transit makes us look back on challenges and developments of recent years. It has us question our values and priorities. This can happen on multiple levels; all things close to our hearts, our partnerships, needs and desires, as well as our financial security, our responsibilities and our role and position in society can undergo a close examination.


How can we take full responsibility for the fulfillment of our needs, for our material security and autonomy? How can we ensure our own wellbeing and provide for loved ones? How much are we willing to invest and what do we expect in return?

This transit makes us focus on what is essential. Less is more. Reduction becomes a long-term strategy. It's not about the pleasure principle, the spontaneous shopping, touching, tasting. Instead of instantaneous satisfaction we want longterm value. Questioning if our expactations will be met, if we will get what we need from products or commitments as well as personal relationships. Is it worth it? Will it last? 

This is about fundamental needs and fundamental rights - which also means sorting out everything surplus and superficial. Things that mean most to us, our deepest needs are undergoing a process of transformation. At the end of winter we might find ourselves rating things differnetly. We might not get what we want now, but we are acknowledging what we really need.


The bad news: nothings for free now. But commitment and perseverance will ultimately be rewarded; putting in the effort we will get tangible results. Self discipline and consistency are required. What do we really want and what are we willing to do for it?

Here some of last years themes will be continued: can we be autonomous and self determined by taking full responsibility for ourselves, without making institutions and authorities accountable for our personal and financial wellbeing? What are we 'representing' and how are we defined by our public and professional roles and obligations? The value of work and income will be questioned and, eventually, redefined. Is commitment being acknowledged? Appreciated? What do we want to achieve? Do we need the recognition? We may have to make professional and financial desiscions, entering a phase of reorientation and restructuring.

Even our self-worth will be examined, re-evaluated. How do we value ourselves and others, how could this kind of value be measured? What are we willing to do to be liked? What kind of appreciation and recognition are we longing for? Do we have to establish boundaries or should we be more considerate towards our fellow human beings, offering support? Do we feel respected by others? Do we treat other people respectfully? Those questions can be crucial now in all kinds of relationships.


Even in the culmination of recent tensions and conflicts, these energies will play a part. Here, too, the question is: is it worth it? What are we willing to invest? How far can we go? And, most important: what are the consequences?

Topics around political and legal integrity and principles, as well as self-determination, autonomy and social responsibility rank high on the collective agenda. Mandates, laws and political alliances started around the Lunar Eclipse will be re-examind and put to the test. Power grabs and control issues are likely to become more compulsive. Conspiracy theories as well as true revelations around the 'hidden agenda' will be even more fascinating in the weeks before Christmas. Motives are questioned. A realistic long-term perspective, honesty and commitment would be needed now. The balance between work and income is to be evaluated. Legal topics, justice, accountability and facing consequences are given special emphasis.

Overall, the next couple of months might be experienced as a replay of economic and institutional crisis since 2008. Traditional and hierarchal structures are re-evaluated, priorities are changing. Economically and financially, this can be a time of scarcity. By concentrating on what is essential, this is an opportunity to lay a new foundation.


Around December, 11th, on Christmas an again in the first week of March, basic themes of this transit can be most strongly felt. Our deepest needs and desires, as well as deep fear and obsessive behaviors emerge. Worst case, there can be heavy stuff around control issues, jealousy, loss, abuse and codependency coming up. But this is also a time of deep commitment, true passion and soul-level connections. A trip into our own darkest abyss might not exactly be fun, but here lies an opportunity to recognize and understand fear of intimacy, suppressed needs and conditioned feelings of guilt shame. To perceive ourselves and others in this state of nakedness of the soul can be profoundly transformational.


The issues brought up now are essential ones: where do I withdraw and try to avoid consequences? What am I denying, surpressing? What is it I can't admit even to myself? What are my obsessions and addictions? If we find the strengh to confront some of those demons, personal growth will be our reward. Our shadows and fears can get very real now, most and foremost the fear of losing control. It's a deep learning process about how to handle our needs and emotions in a mature and responsible way, not blaming others or manipulating them emotionally, not harming ourselves by surpressing them. Thearapy can be highly rewarding. Respect for our own needs and the needs of others is crucial during this time. The interplay between emotional distance and extreme intensity can be very challenging now. Pent up feelings can come crashing to the surface and act as transformative force.

 What's really important? What is it worth? Will it last? Our values and priorities will be thoroughly examined. Personal and social responsibility is to be taken seriously. This is a process of downgrading and concentrating on the real thing. Honest, direct, unadorned. 


In the first week of January comes the time to focus on what we do want, to call in the rewards while being grateful for what we have. Make time and space for the new cycle. March, finally, will bring an exceptionally fertile time. Now things are coming together and we can start manifesting. Until then, stay strong.


This text is an astrological interpretation. This is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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