New Moon April 1st 2022

at 08:24 CET, Sun and Moon 11° Aries with Chiron and Mercury, Mars joining Saturn


Sun and Moon 11° Aries

Fire, Cardinal, Yang

Assertive, Initiating, Straightforward, Courageous

Invasive, Aggressive, Premature, Abrupt


Aries: Head, Blood Circulation, Life Energy

Root Chakra, Instinct, Body Consciousness

Ego, Survival Instinct, Assertion

Self Acceptance, Somatic Experience



Cosmic Mood: Vulnerable but strong. New energy for new beginnings. Old wounds and issues coming up to be addressed and overcome.

We might be confronted with the consequences of previous actions, asked to take on responsibilities. Strength and perseverance help us commit to long term projects and social engagement.

Overcoming wounds and obstacles

A boost of fresh energy, motivation and drive to start something new. We are all revved up and ready to go: this new moon should really kickstart the astrological new year. But right now, something is holding us back.

Yes, there is this impulse to get going, no matter what, but something stands in our way, and we just... can't. Self doubt and blockages are keeping us from the pursuit of our goals. Or maybe we do try and things just don't work out, making us feel like this is happening over and over again, and we can never quite make it. Now we are given the opportunity to see, confront and overcome those hurdles.


While this new moon is all about tapping into our authentic self and acting in alignment with our core essence, we are confronted with all the reasons we don't dare to do, we can't. Maybe we once got hurt, or we have been told how we can't be or behave that way. Our notion of self, our self assertion has been injured. There is an area where we hold back, maybe denying our own impulses, where we just don't allow ourselves to be the way we really, naturally are. This can lead to distortions, kindling frustration or even an undefined, aimless kind of rage. Worst case, some might take out this rage on others, or degrade others, to feel some release and satisfaction. Or this simmering anger and resentment is directed against ourselves.


We might feel terribly hurt and mistreated, just because we are (subconsciously?) reminded of a situation when we were taught it isn't okay to be what we are, that we were kind of wrong or wretched. Our response will be direct and instinctive - for there is neither time nor distance for reflection - and highly defensive. With everybody reacting impulsively, words can turn into weapons very easily. New wounds can be inflicted, where we are trying to deal with old ones. But at the same time, this energy helps us to address, confront and express our pain.

In becoming aware of those mechanisms and situations, this is the opportunity to clearly identify those triggers, and in doing so, to overcome them. Just realizing that we are being triggered can bring so much clarity. Those situations can teach us to be true to ourselves, walk our own path and assert ourselves without feeling intimidated by others and acting aggressively in response. There's a lot of courage and self awareness required to do what seems right to us, to always act in alignment with our own essence. But there is so much strength in it, too, for ourselves and for others.


Issues are likely to show and be expressed on a somatic level, now - and can be processed through the body, through movement and exercise, too. So if you feel like it, sweat it all out. Go and work with techniques of your choice to release emotional baggage locked in the body. There might also be physical scars and injuries calling for care and attention, physical symptoms might become acute, in need of treatment. The body, and our relationship with our body, needs healing, too. This can be about accepting and identifying with our bodies unconditionally, despite of what we have been told by others.


Another big topic: social responsibility and building community. We might be reminded of our duties within a team or community, or we might feel called to step up an take on new responsibilities. Some challenges might come up, things not going all that easy. But this is a time to really put in the work, finding ways to effectively support each other, building a better foundation for functional, sustainable communities.



On a collective level, there might be a whole lot of wounded ego, instinctively lashing out - and hitting a wall. For there is an energy building that tells us to grow up, own our stuff and take full responsibility for our actions - or even holding us accountable for where we failed to take action. 

This isn't altogether easy. It's two distinctly different energies that could express in similar ways, but teaching different lessons: Both can stop us in our tracks, but one is about confrontig and overcoming our doubts and weaknesses, about feeling the fear and doing it anyway, while the other might point to where we are on the wrong track, having to act more considerate and mature. The answer might be to act from a place of pure intention.

Even on a geopolitical level, someone could be overreacting, or acting overly defensive, for feeling triggered or even assaulted and humilated, while there wasn't any offense intended.

Flaws in technical devices might show and cause trouble. Navigation systems can be off course. This is also quite literally about an energy crises, or maybe even about going into survival mode on some level.


What's next?

Mars and Saturn are calling in Karma, holding us accountable. April 5th is a pivotal date with a fated quality. Everything seems to depend on our course of action, our motives and deciscions.

Are we ready and willing to really put in the effort, taking on responsibility for the direction we're heading as a collective, for a better and sustainable future? Are we ready to collectively face and own our shadows regarding powerdynamics, exploitation and codependency, instead of needing a scapegoat and blaming others?

If we're on the wrong track, our path might be blocked now. In trying to stubbornly push through, we would be provoking confrontations that can't be won, frustration levels skyrocketing, while we're bound to fail. We are called to check in with our motives, our consciousness, and proceed in considerate, responsible and authentic ways. If we are on the right track, lots of strength and perseverance are available. It is the start of a new cycle for long term projects and social commitments.


What does this mean on a global scale? Will the situation become even more serious, with different positions becoming even more rigid and tense? There is a great opportunity now for choosing a more wise and precautious route, overcoming egoic ambitions and acting with foresight and consideration, striving for the best collective outcome, the greater good. Even old wounds could be overcome.


Finally, there is a significant shift of energy, a promise of things lighting up, bringing hope, love and compassion. On the other hand, we might be drifting off into LaLa Land a bit too much with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction already in effect, bringing compassion, calling for peace, but with a tendency to ignore the hard facts of reality and let things get even more overwhelming and chaotic.



 "With pure intention and motivation, I proceed unhindered"


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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