New Moon and Solar Eclipse April 30th 2022

at 22:28 CEST, Sun and Moon 10° Taurus, partial Solar Eclipse with Uranus, in cooperation with Mars, Venus meets Jupiter, Mercury in Gemini


Sun and Moon 10° Taurus

Earth, Fixed, Yin

Stable, Reliable, Patient, Present

Inert, Inflexible, Resistant



Taurus: Throat, Neck, Senses

Sacrum, Creative Power, Fertility

Self Love, Self Worth, Gratefulness

Closeness to Nature, Basic Trust



Cosmic Mood: Fertile. This partial solar eclipse brings renewal and tangible changes. While times are instable, we are called to find and tap into new and different resources. This is fruitful energy for manifesting inspiration and creativity in practical ways.

Standing united in a selfless effort for peace and humanity, now is the time to make a real difference.

Stability redefined

This New Moon reminds us of how a certain standard of safety is required, so we can really enjoy the good things in life. We need to have our basic needs covered. This can mean something different for everybody: money in the bank, stocks and supplies, possessions, a full fridge... or even a set of talents we can draw on. We all need that basic sense of stability to rely on. If we have it, we can allow ourselves to sit back, wind down, really appreciate the beauty of life and indulge ourselves from time to time.


But this Taurus Moon comes with a partial Solar Eclipse, and this basic sense of stability can be shaken. The things we rely on might suddenly be gone, or can't provide what we need. This might either force or inspire us to find and draw on different resources, reevaluating our situation. Maybe we start questioning our lifestyle, giving up on things, creating a different way of life. Back to basics could be a good motto. Or we perceive things differently, our values shifting. There might be a sudden fascination to try something new altogether. The outer world, the things we identify with, are blocked out by the eclipse, the focus is turned inward, renewal can take place. When the Sun returns, it shines on a different world, a renewed awareness.


We are becoming aware of how, in the end, we provide our own safety and support. Being centered, contented and at peace with ourselves is the best prerequisite. And maybe that's what it's all about: what do we need to feel contented and at peace? Isn't that all we need, really? Not letting our personal wellbeing be defined by others is a form of self sufficiecy. This Solar Eclipse can be about providing for ourselves in a very literal and practical way, like growing your own food, crafting your own goods, being independent. Our view on topics like this might be changing. Maybe in a flash, maybe over the course of the year. Our foundations are changing. The ground underneath our feet might be not as stable as it used to be.


We've only just regained some stability, a better grip on reality, when eclipse energy can catch us off guard, shaking things up. Events are accelerating, while a vibrant, lively energy and a sense of curiosity makes us engage with new people and topics of all sorts, new possibilities unfolding, maybe a bit of crazyness in between... At the same time, a sweet atmosphere lifts our hearts, making us feel even more social and boyant. There can be moments of enchanting beauty, a sense of bliss, while we feel like embracing the whole world. This is a great time to work with all the inspiration that has been flowing, floating around for several weeks now, take those visions and dreams that are out of this world and let them manifest in creative ways. Unlimited possibilities taking concrete form by way of cocreation. When we join our efforts for a higher cause, things can be acchieved that are beyond imagination.

But maybe the most important message in this impulse for renewal and creation is to take nothing for granted, to be grateful for what we have, to embrace life even more fully. In opening up and getting into the flow, in letting go, we welcome in new possibilities, a new kind of abundance, and old obstacles give way to new opportunities.


Under an influence like this we tend to be overinduldgent - we might be tempted to nestle in and enjoy comfort food all day, or to give ourselves over to binge shopping. Worldly, sensual pleasures can be enjoyed in a more immediate way, which leads to wonderful experiences - as long as we are aware of the risk to gain some extra pounds in weight while slimming down our bank account. This eclipse can be emphasizing our relationship with money, food and pleasure in very literal ways.

That said, this is a great time to indulge yourself and make time to really savor the good things in life.


However, according to ancient traditions, one should not eat or drink during the eclipse itself (approximately for two hours before and after the time listed above). Eclipses represent cosmic portals, bringing in all sorts of energies and entities, while allowing all kinds of things to leave our realms. It is a potent time for doing ritual around abundance and fertility, but also self love, trust and gratitude.



Meanwhile, our living standard and prosperity will be shaken up during eclipse season. While there wont be a sudden collaps, current events can be seen as a series of wake up calls. Our way of living isn't environment friendy in many ways and might just not be sustainable in the long run. Agriculture and food production are facing real challenges, our use of resources has to be reexamined. There are strong impulses for change and renewal right now as well as over the course of the year. Breakdowns lead to completely different perspectives. While there is an emphasis on natural products and resources, we are likely to see more controversial developments such as lab processed nutrients and artificial food.

Financial systems are being shaken, too, familiar concepts and currencies are likely to be replaced, over time, by different kinds of digital models in addition to cryptocurrencies.

Around the eclipse, war is likely to evolve even more strongly around resources and finances. There is a strong emphasis on reinventing our collective energy management and our relationship with, and maintainance of, existential goods. It is our responsibility to opt for sustainability instead of exploitation and control. We are on a quest for a new kind of stability, a new basis, which can only be found in taking a completely different approach.

But most important, this solar eclipse is a call to stand united in our efforts for peace, choosing unity over personal as well as national interests and ambitions. This is the chance to get real results.


What's next?

These are exciting times, with tremendous potential for change and renewal - and, along with it, instability. Eclipses don't go unnoticed. Now, there are positive, benelovent engergies guiding us through the current upheaval, softening the edges, making this time of transition a more harmonious one. Still, the scope and meaning of events shouldn't be underestimated.

The rhythm is changing. While the energy has been rather passive, accepting and soft over the past weeks, as soon as Tuesday there is more of an impulse to go and get what we want, while on May 11th there's a profound shift to more fiery and immediate impulses, a new enthousiasm. This is reinvigorating, but can be fuel for already critical conflicts, heating things up and adding to the turmoil of eclipse season. Supposedly stable and reliable areas are undergoing profound change.

A lunar eclipse follows on May 16th, another turning point, another chance for change.



"Resting within myself, I find peace even in turbulent times"


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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