Full Moon April 16th 2022

at 22:55 CEST, Moon 27° Libra, Sun 27° Aries, in action with Pluto, Mercury joins Uranus in cooperation with Venus, Mars into Pisces


Moon 27° Libra

Air, Cardinal, Yang

Convivial, Balanced, Diplomatic, Aesthetic

Non-confrontational, Superficial, Avoidant, Imbalanced


Sun 27° Aries

Fire, Cardinal, Yang

Assertive, Initiating, Straightforward, Courageous

Invasive, Aggressive, Premature, Abrupt



Libra: Lower Back, Balance

Heart Chakra, Harmony, Sharing, Wellness

Aries: Head, Blood Circulation, Energy

Root Chakra, Instinct, Impulsiveness


Cosmic Mood: Softening. The challenge to find balance between following our own ambitions and having harmonious relationships brings up deeply ingrained expectations, role models and hierarchal structures.

Being more open and sensitive to the needs of others, with old patterns breaking up and dissolving, common ground and real understanding can be found more easily.


This Full Moon reminds us that we can't always have our way, that it might be a good idea to take the people around us into consideration, to compromise instead of fight, to get along instead of recklessly asserting our will... Ideally, both sides will contribute to a harmonious solution, as to avoid self-sacrificing for the benefit of others.


The challenge to create and maintain a well-balanced co-existence, where no one is left on the losing end, stirrs up unconscious expectations, rigid role models and power structures. It becomes clear now that it's not enough to reach common ground and make some kind of agreement. To reach or re-establish a true balance of power, deeply burried patterns must be dug up, examined and sorted out. This can be about our own psychological structures, as well as entrenched patriarchal imprints and societal traditions that have become dogmatic and oppressive. Role models, demands and expectations, deeply rooted, collective imprints. Here we can become aware of the impact social norms and subliminal power structures have on our personal development and our relationship dynamics.

Ultimately, this would mean in growing and evolving we are shifting those collective imprints. That's a long process; now, we are about to take another step towards becoming of aware of this kind of dynamics.

This might be also about our personal expectations, limiting patterns and constraints, and can bring fear and guilt to the surface, espescially concepts of conditioned guilt and shame.


This is a time of heightend empathy and sensitivity. We are longing for connection, while rigid patterns can dissolve rather easily. We are ready to embrace different approaches. These energies can make it a lot easier to accept, embrace and really 'feel' each other. Being less self-absorbed and assertive, we make more of an effort to reach out and be there for each other. We might even get entangled in other peoples moods and feelings. This does make it much more difficult to keep healthy boundaries in place - we shouldn't forget about our own needs, while the collective vibe washes over us. It would mean gettting off balance, and eventually, could even feed into resentment or passive aggressive behavior, for, on some level, we would be feeling helpless, neglected or even used.

Right now, evolving and growing is less than ever an act of willpower. Getting into the flow and opening up to inspiration and guidance is almost all that's needed. This highly empathic engergy can help us navigate the challenges, even with more difficult material surfacing.

However, we might feel drained at times, lacking energy and needing rest. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction still is in full effect.


Around this Full Moon, we also might be drifting out of our mental comfort zone, familiar explanations and notions kind of slipping away, and along with them a sense of safety is dissolving. But again, we can be more accepting and open now, drifting into new territory. This is not so much about actively trying to break old patterns and replacing them with new, progressive views. It might be as easy as opening up to different apoaches, even if they are a little overwhelming, releasing all that is limiting. There can be so much fascination now in letting our minds and perception expand, seeing things in a way that was literally unimaginable before.


More than diplomacy

The chaos of world affairs is unlikely to abade. Worst case, we could see uncontrolled, misguided or aimless aggression and violence.

This is a time for diplomacy, but than, superficial phrases and good will are not likely to suffice - the shift and transformation of power dynamics and politics that is happening an a very deep level will have to be acknowledged and addressed. Old resentments, questions of guilt as well as abuse of power and dominance are stirring beneath the surface and need to be confronted, owned, dealt with. Fairness is key.

Over the coming weeks, we might already see interruptions in basic supply chains and increasing instability in financial systems: issues that are very likely to intensfy in May, causing upheaval and conflict all year and beyond. However, now there can be an impulse for new solutions and innovations that can be used for the benefit of all.

Overall, there is a soft, forgiving, almost tender energy that takes the edge off things, even if darker forces are stirring. There can be a tendency to ignore and bypass serious topics, but chances for peaceful, harmonious solutions are significantly increased.

Not only will art, culture and all things pleasant and beautiful light up our lives at this Full Moon, the most positive vibes are empathy and helpfulness.


What's next?

On Monday, tensions between fresh impulses and social norms and conditions will peak. There can be confrontations between pioneers of a new path, or perhaps newly initiated heroes, and old hierarchies. Secrets could come to light in the process. Power struggles are likely.

On April 20th the Sun will move into reliable Taurus, and the ground under our feet will get a lot more stable. Around the 23rd, ideas and concepts for more sustainability will be leading the way, particularly where nature, agriculture and food are concerned.

The next New Moon is also a partial Solar Eclipse, with some shifts and surprises in store. Leading up to it, the last week of April brings a couple of very promising, auspiscious days, taking our creativity to soaring heights, blessing our relationships and maybe even our finances. Enjoy!


In balance with my own true nature, I bring balance to my realationships


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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