Jupiter Neptune Conjunction


April 12th 2022, Jupiter and Neptune 23° Pisces. In effect from March into the 2nd week of May, again in November and December

This is the energy of all that is, dissolving opposites, knowing no boarders, enclosing everything... In it's purest form, this might be the essence of Zen, of Nirvana, accepting, embracing all that is, because all is equal, just is, unconditional, complete, eternal. Uniting but dissolving at the same time. Endless. Boundless, for we can't grasp, hold or control it. This can be absolutely magical, but quite disorienting at the same time. We might even feel lost. Anything is possible.


While this aspect can ultimately be seen as a positive one, it might not care that much about our temporary, earthly aches and pains. Call it the rising of vibration and consciousness, or the great divine plan - this is operating in far bigger dimensions, beyond time and space, in realms where our (temporary?) woes and losses might not even be perceived as such. There can be redemption in acceptance. The answer might be to just trust some kind of higher wisdom and guidance, even if we don't have a clue where it's taking us, or why. But leaning into this energy, opening up, we now might sense this kind of guidance. Maybe actually experience it. For this is a time of spiritual awareness. We might feel the connection. The one thing this aspect is making us feel, is how we are connected, how everything is interconnected, insaperable. We are all in this together. Whatever this might be.


Things can seem unclear, there can be a lack of discernment, our rational mind and it's judgements might not be as reliable. Because these are nebolous and chaotic times, we are looking for explanations, for guidance. This means we can fall victim to fake news, false prophets and all kinds of confusing and outright delusive messages much easier now. Any kind of influence can grow into a mass movement - we can be collectively flooded by hope and faith as easily as by fear and despair. We might completely identify with some ideal, be swept away by fanatism or experience how the things we believed in turn out to be empty illusions. Things can just be falling apart. Even cultural identities and narratives are starting to shift and dissolve. We are facing the void. But that's the space for us to create in.

This can be quite overwhelmig: while inflation is building and things are pretty unstable, already, we are witnessing floods, climate extremes, natural disasters. Even territorial boarders are shifting, dissolving, along with our definitions and concepts. But, sadly, it often is in desaster, in suffering, and through cruelty like war we are united. We turn to higher ideals, renewing our faith, needing something to believe in. We hold on to each other. Every wave of dispair is met by a wave of hope and faith. A flood of refugees is met by a flood of empathy and helpfulness, for our sensitivity is heightened, and we just can't close our hearts. While for those who are highly sensitive by nature, it is even more challenging to keep healthy boundaries is place, we do feel connected. This can bring humanity closer together, differences fading away.


Now is also a time of boundless creativity, imagination and artistic expression. The boundaries of our personal worlds, our mental realms, are so much more elastic and expansive, softening, opening, vision and fantasy knowing no limits. Ultimately, we can manifest what we can imagine, or so they say... A collective dream can arise, and it might as well start to shift reality - to seep into reality. A dream of peace and harmony, a vision of hope.


If you have the possibility, you might just do nothing for a couple of days. Don't do. Just be. This is not a time to stay on top of things. It might only cause a lot of overwhelm. Just go with the flow, open up to inspiration, allow magic to unfold. Make room for miracles to happen - just get out of their way.
We are being taken through a process of healing and cleansing on multiple levels. There can be a tendency to neglect simple bodily needs. We might even feel drained, lacking energy. Take good care of yourself, get lots of rest, stay hydrated, eat well, get grounded. Holostic practices like Yoga are highly recommended.



This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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