Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse May 16th 2022

at 06:14 CEST, Moon 25° Skorpio, Sun 25° Taurus with Algol, in tension with Saturn, in harmony and cooperation with Mars and Neptune


Moon 25° Scorpio

Water, Fix, Yin

Passionate, Loyal, Deep, Regenerative

Manipulative, Controlling, Ruthless, Destructive



Sun 25° Taurus

Earth, Fixed, Yin

Stable, Reliable, Patient, Present

Inert, Inflexible, Resistant



Scorpio: Reproductive Organs,

Solarplexus, Intimacy, Bonding, Death and Rebirth, Shadowwork


Taurus: Throat, Neck, Senses

Sacrum, Creative Power, Fertility, Self Love, Self Worth



Cosmic Mood: Critical. Intense feelings and extreme experiences, confronting shadows. A challenging time of processing and purging issues and emotions around codependency, old grudges and the need for revenge. Toxic bonds can be released. Time to own our shadows as well as our power. Potentially evil influences hopefully can be balanced by spiritual awareness, higher guidance and a collective effort for peace.

The full spectrum


This Scorpio Full Moon is seeking to balance stability and intensity. While needing a certain amount of inner and outer stability and reliability, now we are called out of our comfort zone and into a more harsh kind of territory. This total lunar eclipse is all about extremes. There are battles to be fought, and most likely, the battleground is inside ourselves. These are intense, transformational times.


The days leading up to this supercharged full moon might call for responsibility, bringing up topics and issues we have to take care of before we can move on. This could mean a more sober outlook into the future, a need to double our efforts.

The bad news: we could be confronted with outright evil this days. This might also mean, we are to see, and recognize, the worst side of ourselves, facing our own impure motives. And that's excactly where the potential is: in really seeing and owning our darker side, taking full responsibility for our shadow. As long as we are avoiding it, we keep projecting it out into the world - where things are messy enough, already. Even worse, we are denying a part of ourselves, not being able to accept ourselves unconditionally, and, as a result, not being able to fully stand up for ourselves. Maybe we can't even trust ourselves, for we're not really sure what might be hiding deep inside?


This lunar eclipse is all about our most personal and intimate relationships - that's where our shadows are reflected back to us most strongly. Some not-so-nice stuff might surface, things we'd rather not be dealing with.

The preceiding New Moon has been about our need for safety and stability. Being grounded within ourselves is the best prerequiste for confronting things outside our comfort zone - and that's where this lunar eclipse is taking us. It is here to remind us how we learn and grow through challenges and confrontations, how we need to expose ourselves to fully and completely experience all facets of life. Including the bad and the ugly. This isn't about the excitement of the adventure as such. It's a deep urge to tap into, to really feel the whole spectrum of human experience, fathoming the uncharted depths of the soul. Diving into the abyss, confronting monsters and ghosts, we will encounter the self. There is immense potential in this transformational confrontation. Extreme situations will reveal our deepest power. Our true nature will show in a way we maybe just couldn't allow under less challenging circumstances. This is how we get to know ourselves - and each other. But it's far from easy to navigate the current energies. There are pretty strong, not altogether benign influences at work. We might lose our grip, we can be misguided, deceived. Anger can aggression can be random, misdirected, can spiral out of control.


This lunar eclipse emphasizes relationships where there is a deep connection. This is about the absolute intimacy in sexuality as well as other kinds of soul level bonding where we give ourselves completely. With little exception, this is the area of life where feelings are strongest, most powerful, where the greatest potential for personal transfrmation awaits. It's where there's the danger of getting hurt, betrayed, utterly destroyed. This is a full moon of magical attraction, great passion, full emotional commitment and deep bonding. We are being exposed to the full range of feelings and emotions. Unconscious needs and desires as well as fears are surfacing. Imprints from past experiences, resulting in fear of loss, jalousy, power games and a need for control or revenge are ingredients for a pretty intense cocktail. It's a tug of war between trust and control. It could play out in our inner emotional world, or in very literal ways, too. But we must not trust lightly, now:  we'd better trust our instincts first. This can feel like an all or nothing kind of situation, and it might very well be. Our feelings can be taking us into the abyss, yet there's no way around those dark, deep places, if we are to discover their origin, their message, their true power. The gates opened by this lunar eclipse might let us in on forbidden places, while the burdens and toxidity of the past can be released, setting free the power and energy that was bound up in it. Not an easy task to stay grounded through this rollercoaster ride. Yet we should try and find stability within ourselves, consciously practicing self care, tapping into the self love the New Moon has been guiding us towards. This might be the most effective kind of protection against destructive impulses, against self destructive tendencies. Easier said then done - those energies aren't easy to master.

Another warning: there can be a higher potential for aggression and violence. This is worst case, of course. This eclipse might just as be experienced as time of strong emotions, nothing more, nothing less.


Overall, there is a powerful opportunity to let go of those influences from the past that have been holding us captive, where we have beem giving away our power. Emotional attachments and toxic bonds can be released during the eclipse. While emotions are running rampant, we are still held accountable, we are being asked to own our part of the drama and face the facts. This is where we can step back, put things into perspective and let go. But then, it's more complicated: if we only see what we want to see, we can be easily deceived, losing direction. In asserting our own will, our efforts might be thwarted. If we accept, allow and stay open, we can be guided by our intuition, by life itself. Ultimately, this is about surrendering control, and giving ourselves over to higher guidance. In trusting the process, we allow substantial change. Working with the Ho'oponopono prayer might be helpful now for allowing forgiveness and acceptance.


In letting go of control, I experience life to the fullest

This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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