Full Moon January 18th 2022

at 00:48 CET, Moon 28° Cancer, Sun 28° Capricorn with Pluto, Uranus direct


Moon at 28° Cancer

Water, yin, cardinal

Safety, family, protection, nourishment, emotion

Defense, withdrawal, inconstancy, touchiness


Sun at 28° Capricorn

Earth, yin, cardinal

Reliability, wisdom, security, structure

rigidity, surpression, deficiency, relentlessness


Cancer: Chest, Breast, nourishment, care

Heart Chakra, Inner Child, Ancestors, Systemic work (careful, uncontrolable power at work)

Capricorn: Bones and teeth, knees, perseverance

Root Chakra, support, karma


Cosmic vibes: Intensive. We are sensitive and we feel the need for protection, while confronted by what seems oppressive and overwhelming.

Power dynamics and the use of power are in the spotlight now. Structures are beginng to give, being under pressure for too long. Boarders and boundaries are of great importance.

Threats and safety


This Full Moon invites us to find balance between our ambitions, our role in public, in society, on one hand, and our comfortzone, our time at home, our regeneration on the other. Ballance between authority and responsibility and the needs of our inner child. At the same time, this Moon illustrates the tension between authorities and institutions and the private and personal realm.


Now there can be a sense that something is threatening our private area. Even our emotional world doesn't feel safe: we are very sensitive, we feel in need of protection, while being confronted with dark fears or outer factors representing some kind of threat or oppression. This can be about personal issues and experiences around authority, codependency and abuse. Unresolved family affairs might surface. Or maybe we just have that eery kind of feeling that something's off. It might be our own surpressed issues. These days might also make us realize how strongly we try to hold on to external and material security, while establishing inner peace and an emotional safe space might be a better option in the end. This is a good time to retreat into our inner sanctuary and confront the stuff that is bothering us, in order to process and finally leave behind. We can go deep now, but it would be a good idea to make sure there is someone to hold us, to catch us if we feel we're falling. Family therapy and working with the inner child can be very revealing now. Looking into your families history, your ancestors, would be another rewarding way to work with this energy.


Overall, whatever ails or worries us, during this full moon it's extra important to take good care of yourself, create a cozy atmosphere, spend time with family or friends you really trust and can open up to. Express your feelings, let tears flow when they want to, while lending your shoulder to those close to you. It wouldn't be so great to surpress your emotions. Self love and selfcare, including healthy boundaries, should take precedence now. If we can embrace ourselves and create a safe space, we can have a good look at our fears and emotional baggage, acknowledge it, let go and draw strengh from the process. These energies might also teach us that sometimes it's better to adjust to the circumstances and withdraw to process and regenerate, instead of standing our ground and having things our way, no matter what the cost. In being at peace with ourselves and our inner world, this full moon let's us draw on a deep well of inner strengh.


Motivation for power

Power and control issues are out in the open, can be experienced more strongly. This full moon is activating a theme from the December Solstice: Institutional power opposing or even yielded against the masses. Poeple are confrontig governments and authorities, calling for justification. Power structures and control mechanisms are being highlighted now, those in power held accountable. Underlying motivations and a hidden agenda could come to light, persons of authority might have to face consequences. What empowers those in power? What upholds their power? Control and the exert of power at every cost could be felt and witnessed now.

The protection of privacy will be high on the agenda.

This can be a forshadowing of structural upheavals over the coming year.


It's all about boarders now: territorial boarders might be threatend and even violated. This brings political alliances, like the EU, espescially with a mission to protect and defend, like NATO, into the spotlight. Conflicts over territory are becoming very real now. Moreover, this is about delimination between ideologies.

In general, we can see a rise in conflicts or clashes between groups for the defense of a creed or a mission.


Family affairs, children, care, protection and nursing are themes that may come to the forefront. There mifght be issues about codependency and the abuse of power by those who are supposed to protect.

How far can the responsibility of a government or employer be taken to care for and protect their citizens, employees etc.? How can those who have to rely on their caregivers be protected? When does protection become controlling and opressive?


What to expect

Uranus is ending it's retrograde phase, ready to bring substantial shifts. This is about the changes and the liberation we have been fighting for over the course of the past year, even if this has a slightly different meaning for everybody. Now this is the spark, but things aren't lighting up just yet, we still have to be patient. Still, this is an energy that will be felt, for sure, putting things into motion. This might also mean more earthquakes happening and vulcanos going off - a release of long pent up energies, old structures giving way.


On Thursday, the Sun moves into Aquarius. This can bring a change of perspective, greater objectivity.

In the last week of January, the focus shifts from making big plans to the practical implementation. But not quite yet - with Mercury still being retrograde, first we will have to think things through, figuring out what will work.

End of the month, Venus is going to end her retrograde journey. Where did our priorities shift and how are we going to implement this in our lives? The Lunar Nodes are changing into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, providing us with new collective lessons to work on.


This is happening in the background over a longer time period: a collective narrative starts to dissolve. The struggle over defining 'The Truth' with it's various fantical manifestations is slowly fading out.


"I value the richness of my emotional world as much as my status in the outer world"


This is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.



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