Full Moon Dec 19th 2021

at 05:35 CET, Moon 27° Gemini, Sun 27° Sagittarius/Galactic Center, in harmony and in cooperation with Jupiter, Venus Retrograde, Chiron direct, Mercury acting with Chiron etc


Moon 27° Gemini

Air, yang, mutable

flexibility, diversity, interest, sociability

being scattered, distraction, stress


Sun 27° Sagittarius

Fire, yang, mutable

overview, adventure, tolerance, independence

dogma, rightousness, judgement, ideology


Gemini: hands and arms, the mental area, flexibility, connection

Throat chakra, communication, exchange

Sagittarius: hips, expansion, intuition, belief

Third eye, inner knowledge, vision


Cosmic mood: busy, contradictory

A new sense of ease and lightness puts things into motion and brings distraction from more serious topics, needing to be addressed.

While tension and conflicts are peaking at Christmas, a more inclusive and optimistic attitude combined with greater flexibility brings new opportunities and hope

Underneath the surface

Things are in motion now. Feeling sociable, we want to connect, make friends, engage in new fields of interest, contribute to our community. There is a joyful, buzzing kind of activity, and, of course, the typical kind of hectic holiday preparations. That said, this mooncycle still holds quite a share of challenging mood swings.


Just a distraction?

These busy, extroverted days can bring a lighter, almost carefree kind of mood. However, the energies are way more complicated now. While this full moon can be joyful, even exuberant, friends, social media and other activities might just be a welcome distraction from more serious topics... a phase of deep contemplation is beginning, making us examine and redefine our priorities, which might even lead to confronting some inner demons. This will be a dominating theme for months to come.


Current tensions are building once more, generational conflicts can be challenging. Many of us feel wounded, misunderstood, disregarded by circumstances. Restrictions or even perceived attacks to our sense of self, our right to 'be', are felt strongly now. This could be overcompensated by impulsive, ego-driven outbursts. The conflict between reason and impulse, between self-assertion and consideration is being experienced in an acute way. We might be irritable and defensive.


This full moon also represents another step in dealing with challenges of the past 1 1/2 years like fact versus fake, information versus Truth, opinion versus dogma. This is about finishing a cycle, or at least bringing it to a new level. What did we learn? How do we perceive and contextualize information? Are we willing to open our mind and accept different opinions? Once more, like at the solar eclipse, prejudice and rightousness can be cleared and left behind more effectively. Now we are more inclined to choose diversity, tolerance, community. A new, open minded attitude can bring hope to areas of conflict.


With social and political clashes of interest getting more acute, confrontations between conservative and progressive currents are intensifying. Traditions and  beliefs are being questioned or even attacked. At the same time, we might find everybody opening up to conversation. There is hope for a path of consens to be found. This energy can't be valued high enough, for there are serious challenges to overcome.

Besides ongoing conflict throughout societies, main topics will be schools and education, trade and infrastructure. Fundamentalism and fanatism can be found in the headlines, in some shape or form. Sadly, violence against women could be peaking. Hidden dimensions of power and manipulation are to be uncovered. We might get glimpses of the hidden agenda.


What's next?

Let's face it: on Christmas, the general cosmic mood will oscillate between explosive and gloomy. Tensions between regulation and freedom, responsibility and spontaneity, collective reason and individual expression are peaking. it's ols versus new, progress versus tradition, breaking up the status quo while trying to hold on to familiar structures and comfort... The days before Christmas, all kinds of protest and upheaval could reach a climax. This might coincide with new regulations being implemented.

This conflict isn't limited to clashes between groups of opposing interest. The need to do things radically different, while having to let go of attachments and principles we just can't and won't give up just yet is the dynamic playing out in our individual lives, or at least, in our minds.


At the end of the month, rules and regulations are being perceived as even more limiting and repressive. At the turn of the year, things seem to be opening up, lighting up. This could translate into a release of covid restrictions. From an astrological point of view, this would coincide with an other surge of infections. Even if there isn't an actual 'opening up', at least there will be a new wave of hope and optimism. Problems won't be resolved quite as easily, but here it comes, that much needed silver lining, there will be a sense of ease and relaxation.

Still, the first week of january isn't going to be a smooth ride. There can be a literal battle over opinions, the definition of truth and public influence. False prophets and gurus bring delusion, trying to seduce the masses, making empty promises. At the same time, facts and news can become overwhelming. We're on a collective crossroad between 'old' convictions, belief systems and even fanatism on one hand, and the whole spectrum of available information and learning opportunities on the other. Which will it be?


"By gathering information and opening up to new insights, I can re-evaluate old beliefs"

This text is an astrological interpretation. This is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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