Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus 2022

Reliable Flexibility

May 10th until June 3rd in Gemini and Taurus, noticeable from the last week of April until Mid-June


It's that time again, when it get's busier, crazier, things seem to be more urgent, stressful... When Mercury turns retrograde, it's energy is more present. There's so much going on, and while juggling and multitasking, we' can easily get distracted. That's why we're prone to making those silly mistakes simply by missing things, confusing details, hurrying and stumbling along.
The answer is to slow down, breathe, be in the moment. Mercury wants us to pay attention to what we are actually doing.

This time, the retrograde journey starts while Jupiter moves into Aries, and this might be a bit of a challenge, as confusion and delays could easily make us overreact and respond prematurely. We're already in the midst of a charged eclipse season, so there might be some extra irritability and volatility. Try and take it easy, allow yourself to adjust to the shifts in energy.


Mercury's retrograde journey is putting the focus on communication, information and news, so be sure to check your messages twice, pay attention to the subtext, consiously listen to what people are saying, be sure to ask those questions, take notes, make backups. It's just that some vital piece of information could easily get lost in the noise.

It's also about transportation and mobility, so do plan some extra time for delays, even if you feel you can't afford it. Check your car, watch out for construction crews and roadblocks. For public transportation, make sure you got the right schedule... well, you've got the idea. Taking a deep breath, giving things a second look over can prevent those glitches that otherwise could cost a lot of time - and nerves.

But wait, this isn't about everything going wrong. Maybe missing that appointment or not being able to make it to that meeting in time just gives you that much needed break to think things trough. In navigating this period more consciously, we can learn a lot about the way we navigate the world. Are we on autopilot most of the time? Could we be more mindful in some areas of our life? Being more flexible about our schedules, seeing new directions and possibilities when they arise? Are we open and willing to learn along the way?


May 21st is a day to be extra attentive and receptive, to what is going on around us, but also tuning in to our inner voice. Keep your chanels open. Profound messages might come through. This is a time of great clarity and new insights, leading us into a phase of contemplation. Where the past weeks have brought up new ideas, now we should sit back and think things through, examine wether those plans could actually work, if the people involved can be relied on. Does it make sense? Will it pay off? Does it even accomodate our values and desires?

And there's the real challenge: this is all about finding some kind of middle ground between having our own point of view without being narrowminded, keeping up a flexible appraoch without becoming inconsistent or fickle, being reliable but not resistant to change... Can we welcome new options, or is our mindset actually limiting our possiblities? There can awaren be a new kind of awareness about the way we select our aquaintances, conversations, topics, news... are we looking to be reassured, do we want confirmation out of what we hear, read, and watch? Or do we want to learn, open up to the diversity of news and opinions, venturing out of our mental comfort zone?


This is also a time for introspection, paying attention to our own thoughts, allowing our inner world to unfold. During the second part of this Mercury retrograde, we can tap into the wisdom of our bodies more easily, getting access to a profound level of information. Also in interaction with others, it could be more about vibes than actual words and information.

Another area to raise our awareness could be the difference between virtual interaction and information received over the media versus direct personal experience, being a part of it, hearing, seeing, smelling, sensing and tasting. Information and experience come in many differnet qualities, on different levels.


At the beginning of June, there can be a few critical, even crucial days: we might be confronted with bad news, experiencing rather unfriendly encounters and conversations. Try to be mindful and make sure your words aren't doing any damage, try not to give yourself a hard time by spinning into negative thought patterns. Kind words and gestures can make all the difference. The foundation of our newly forming connections and projects is at stake.


Out there in the world, the value of news and information might be questioned. How would that value be defined? Is it all about diversity, actuality, visibility? What about the source? Is it reliabe? This is also about idealistic versus materialistic value. Issues about intellectual property and copyright could be raised and examined.

In business and trade, this phase might be characterised by going back and forth between speculations, new ventures and a need for conservative security. Standards are shifting.

The Twitter deal is connected to this quality of time, so there might be some reexamination, adjustments, but also announcements of new plans. Social media in general could undergo some kind fundamental reevaluation and change.


In times of change and insecurity, this can be a valueable learning process, a time of reorientation and awareness. Remember, we don't always have to be on top of things, sometimes it might be just as important to listen to ourselves, to be really present and in the moment, taking in what our senses, our body, even the ground beneath our feet are telling us. This is a time to truly be in touch with each other, in touch with ourselves.

...and yes, this article is just some eclectic way of listing possible themes and topics, so don't let your Mercury retrograde experience be limited by it!


This article is based on astrological interpretation. It is not to be taken as a recommendation or guideline of any kind. Moreover, this is non-personalized, general astrological information. Any implementation or use of this information is in your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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